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Stars of Tamworth 2023

Check out my moves as I dance for a cancer free future!

I am joining the 2023 production of Stars of Tamworth Dance for Cancer to support Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future.

Because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, I’m bringing everyone together to show off my dance moves all to raise funds and show my support.  

Please support me on this page to support cancer research, advocacy, prevention programs and local  vital support services for Australians living with cancer.

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can free the future from cancer

My Updates

Who am I and why I'm dancing

You may know me from 92.9FM in Tamworth, Nowfm in Moree or from my photography page Amy Burling - Photographer!
Over the years I've done alot of fundraising for cancer, including dying my pink for Leukaemia and for Breast cancer!
Cancer is unfortunately rampant in my family history with my nan kicking cancers butt twice, yes TWICE!
When I was a child she beat Breast Cancer with a double mastectomy and then she battled it out with Thyroid cancer and won aswell!
My father has spent the last year fighting prostrate cancer aswell.
So as you can tell it truly is something close to my heart
I am dancing for them <3
As dad is not one for photos, here is my nan and my sisters

Thank you to my Sponsors


Amy Burling


Amz’s Lil Sidekick &lt;3



Samantha Geatches



So proud of you Amz for always doing amazing things 🌟 a wonderful charity and close to my heart as well 😊


Kayler Hughes


Alexandria Jamieson


Angela Page


Sharnae 2tm

Go Amz!! Show us how you burlesque 💃💋


Jacqui Boxsell


Leanne Stengert


Sarah Grady

Thank you for always stepping up for these causes. You are an amazing lady.


Vicki Angel

In memory of Beryl, Charlotte. Good luck Amy, it's a great cause.




Danielle Mcmechan


Warren Stengert


Ethan Bellman

Good job keep it up



You are amazing 😍 Best of luck!



As usual you're doing something fabulous! Not to shy away from the spotlight and I wouldn't have you any other way. My absolute best friend ❤️🥰 love you so much!


Barbara Smith


Faith Marquett


Pom Hausfeld

Good job Amz n happy dancing


Sam Geatches


Tim Henry

Its gotta be both today (rock it like no one is watching although you are live at centreline Tamworth)



Goodluck Amz raising funds for a great cause!


Karen Holloway

Hey Amz this so u play both Mickey and funky town



You better play both Amz haha


Mel Vine


Laura And Cody

Something Very close to my Heart aswell ❤❤ Great work Amy!!


Telena Stokes


Hanna Favero

Let's get our Barbie on ;)