Andrew Adezio

Stars of The North 2024

Meet Andrew Adezio

The vibrant and compassionate veterinary radiologist at SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital) who's bringing a whole new meaning to the term "dancing with the stars" at this year's Cancer Council fundraiser. Having relocated to the sun-kissed shores of Australia just last year, Andrew has wasted no time in immersing himself in the community and lending his support to a cause close to his heart.

Dr Andrew's expertise lies in diagnosing our furry friends with technologies such as CT, MRI, and ultrasound. Just like people, pets can also develop cancer. The link between human and animal cancer is strong. Often, dogs are used as models for human cancer research, while many veterinary cancer treatments are derived from human protocols.

Thanks to people like Andrew and modern veterinary imaging and oncology, a number of effective treatment options can now be provided to our pets. Andrew works closely with the SASH Cancer Centre, a one of a kind veterinary oncology service located in Sydney, which offers specialist medical, surgical, and radiation oncology.

Andrew is stepping out of his comfort zone onto the dance floor, armed with enthusiasm, two left feet, and a willingness to embrace the occasional misstep—all in the name of charity. Despite confessing to a penchant for singing karaoke poorly and a tendency to trip over his own feet, Andrew is determined to put on a show-stopping performance that will have the audience cheering and reaching for their wallets in support of cancer research and patient care.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Andrew is known for his infectious energy, warm demeanor, and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others. Whether it's comforting a nervous pet during a scan or belting out a tune at the local karaoke bar, they approach every challenge with a sense of humor and a genuine desire to spread joy and laughter wherever they go.

As he takes to the dance floor alongside seasoned performers and local celebrities, Andrew is ready to trade his scrubs for sequins and ultrasound probe for dance shoes, all in the name of supporting those affected by cancer. With his signature charm, undeniable charisma, and a willingness to embrace the occasional misstep, Andrew is poised to dazzle audiences and raise much-needed funds for the Cancer Council's vital work.

So, get ready to cheer on Andrew as he shimmies, shuffles, and salsa's his way through the competition, proving that even those with two left feet can make a difference when they dance with passion and purpose. Together, let's join Andrew in the fight against cancer, one toe-tap at a time.

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