Andy Chu

Stars of Sydney South West 2022

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Kasandra Blagojevic

Go get ‘em





Tina Coluccio


Louisa And Iljko Miocevic

Andy your a STAR, shine bright and make us proud.


Ange Skocic

I cannot wait to see your C Breezy moves! Killing it!


Thai Tran

🥰🥰🥰 always there for my little brother.


Pedj Cupac


Giovanni Viscuso

Good luck and don’t let those 2 left feet get in the way!


Angie Mageo


Thi Vo

Don't let me down. GO GO GO:)


Diana Khuu

Great work you are doing.😍


Annir Khuu


Amy Chu


Mario Avramoski



Well done Andos you legend


Justine Maggio

Good luck 🤞🏼


Dee & Matty

Get it gurrrrl 💃


Emily David

Cannot wait to see this lol


Jose Matteo