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DR ASH BOWDEN is an Emergency Department doctor on the Central Coast.

Ash is passionate about improving health and happiness through physical activity, something he is lucky enough to be able to do in and out of work.

Back in the UK after studying medicine at the University of Leicester and Sport & Exercise Science, Ash moved down to work at Southhampton General Hospital. It was here he met a team leading the way in cancer-based research showing the unrivalled impact that physical fitness has on patient outcomes. His interest was sparked, and he quickly found his “why”.

Now, new to the beautiful Central Coast, Ash spends his time finding ways to help people Do More. He says we are all too familiar with our personal plethora of excuses that stops us from being active. He has created a directory for physical activity in order to help people find something that works for them. The Do More director will help people find an activity that is child friendly, has trainers that understand rehabilitation, are appropriate for beginners or even something for an athlete.

Dr Bowden will be performing a Latin routine with his dance partner, Krissy.


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Davistown Rsl (club Grants)


The Gruntas

Thanx for organising & giving us the opportunity to motivate each other to move & raise funds. Enjoy your dancing


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$640 donation from The Steppers


Wild Fig Service Alliance

What a fantastic ambassador for the Central Coast you are Dr Ash. Good luck with the Latin moves!


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Conveniently Active Exercise Physiology

Hey Ash!! Awesome work organising all this!! Loved getting my steps up! (Although terrible at remembering to log haha)


All Ability Yoga

Thanks Doc! love youre work and got something new to offer to you this week. New venue, opportunity and right up your street......


Rebecca Baldwin

Go Ash! Love from Save Second Bass!


Hellomynameis - Cclhd

From 150+ healthcare staff getting on board the #Hellomynameis campaign - hoping it'll be the start of something bigger


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Thanks for the opportunity to work together as a family and raise some money for cancer research


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What a great initiative for a great cause! Thanks for keeping us moving Ash!


Terrigal Trotters

Thanks Ash for all your hard work in organising this challenge


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Red Hot Chilli Steppers

Such a great cause! Let’s get stepping


Bounce Back From Breast Cancer

Move Against Cancer Teams Challenge


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Coast Sport

Thank you Ash for your dedication in getting the Coast more active! We appreciate all of your hard work and have thoroughly enjoyed this step challenge. - Your Friends at Coast Sport


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The Collective 10000 steps donation


Enhance Injury Management


Ccshealth Team

Team "Doing this for JO", cant wait till tomorrow to get this started.


Team Davo Rsl

Well done with the fundraising, keep up the good work


Leif Arnebark

Ash Dance well and do this worthy cause justice. Brilliant to watch you do great things for the health and wellness of Central Coast residents. Keep it up!


Dallucci Gucci

So love to see Coasties Banding together ready to change the world!


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HPT 1.0


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HPT 2.0


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Awesome work Ash!


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This has been such a fun challenge, thank you Ash for all your hard work in organising




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Keep running!


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Looking forward to getting involved with the Move Against Cancer Step Challenge


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Go Ash! Such a great cause! Can't wait for the challenge as well!




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Good luck Ash, sorry we can't be there to witness your "dancing"! Love, Fred and Becky



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Great job mate!


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