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Ashleigh isn’t just any journalist, the people she interviews and writes about are all police and crime related! It’s safe to say that she’s probably used to the spotlight being on her interviewees at the Illawarra Mercury, but Stars of Wollongong is here to change that! Ashleigh has dabbled in dance when she was at school and even conquered doing the splits…something she can still do to this day. She says she’s nervous about getting on stage out of her comfort zone, but this girl moved to Paris alone when she was only 20 years old, so we’re calling a bit of bluff. Anything Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran is bound to get the music running in her veins, let’s hope her dream partner Chris Hemsworth pops up.

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Stars of Wollongong tickets on sale as charity event draws closer

Tickets are now on sale for the Stars of Wollongong Dance for Cancer event where business owners, medical professionals and media personalities learn a routine with local dance teachers and raise funds for the Cancer Council.

More than $84,000 has been donated thus far with Wollongong Diagnostics Imaging Group managing director Arunima Gupta leading the pack with more than $17,000 raised.

Performers have spent the past five weeks learning to move their feet, hips and arms in time with their chosen songs.

Illawarra Mercury journalist Ashleigh Tullis said learning the routine had been a challenge but she was slowly getting the hang of it.

"I knew it would be hard but I wasn't quite expecting my body to be so uncoordinated," she said. "I am slowly picking up the steps and with more practise I will be able to move in time with the music. I haven't danced since I was in primary school but that small amount of experience has helped me."

Ms Tullis thanked her dance partner Talia Rogan for her patience, encouragement and enthusiasm while learning the routine.

"Talia has been amazing to dance with," Ms Tullis said. "She is a talented performer and teacher. She has taken the time to show me each move until I perfect it. Her choreography is fun and energetic and we are always laughing, especially when I mess up the moves."

The duo have been practising weekly at Kazzajazz dance studio in Coniston and will ramp up their rehearsals in the lead up to the event.

"We are now in the process of finding costumes and are still working on a spectacular way to finish the dance," Ms Tullis said.

Ms Tullis' mother and aunt recently fought breast cancer and she saw their resilience as they went to treatment each month.

"It is hard to watch someone you love be so sick but thankfully they were able to beat the awful disease and are doing much better now," she said. "I'm glad the money I am raising will provide support and services to people suffering from cancer."

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Raising money for a great cause, well done Ash!


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