Bilal Akhtar

Stars of Narrabri

Bilal is the Water Services Manager for Narrabri Shire Council and has no inhabitations when fundraising for Cancer Council.

He was recently crowned Miss Narrabri in a comical fundraising event for Cancer Council where he took to the runway to show off his fashion and pageant skills. Now Bilal the ‘model’ will turn his skills to become Bilal the ‘dancer’. He is sponsored by Narrabri Shire Council. Narrabri Shire Council provides a range of local services and facilities in our Shire. Our vision, as developed by our community, is to be a strong and vibrant regional growth centre providing a quality living environment for the entire shire community. Council are thrilled to be supporting Bilal and Cancer Council to raise funds that will be used to provide support to locals in the Narrabri Shire

Thank you to my Sponsors




Zoe S

Good luck Bilal!



Our support is with you Bilal.



Pls don't... I'll donate right now for you NOT to dance... First Covid-19 and now this...God help us! :)