Bree Petherbridge

Stars of The North 2024

Why is Bree swapping digital for some salsa shoes for cancer prevention?

Bree Petherbridge, a Digital Health Director in Patient Experience at Salesforce, is no stranger to stepping up for a cause she believes in. Despite not being a seasoned dancer (read no dancing experience whatsoever), Bree is enthusiastically taking on a dancing competition. Why? Because she is committed to leveraging every opportunity to raise awareness, momentum, and crucial funds for the invaluable work of the Cancer Council.

For Bree like many of us, this cause is deeply personal. Her father-in-law's battle with cancer touched her life profoundly. Though he initially triumphed over the illness, sadly, the second round proved insurmountable. It's this firsthand experience that fuels Bree's unwavering commitment to cancer research and support.

In joining the charity event, Bree aims to change the narrative surrounding cancer. She envisions a future where discussions about the disease don't revolve around winning or losing a grim lottery but instead focus on eradicating it altogether.

Help encourage Bree Petherbridge to step outside her comfort zone, into some salsa heels and together, let's dance towards a future free from the grip of this relentless disease. Ways you can support Bree: 1. Donate 2. Share on your social media pages (linkedin, facebook, instagram) 3. Forward an email to your colleagues to encourage them to donate and share 4. Come and watch Bree dance at the event

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Jane Brown

Love it! 💃 Well done you.


Stuart Spencer

Amazing Bree!


Andrew Hill

Thank you for supporting Cancer Council!


Glenn Thorsen

GReat cause Bree


Rachel Caton

Good luck!! 💃💃💃


Barry Dietrich

Great cause Bree … dance like no one is watching ;)


Melanie Valdes

Incredible cause to support Bree! Enjoy the For Purpose, Salsa dancing! Xx



Can’t wait to watch you 😘


Tom Coolican


Robert Lopez

Awesome Work Bree!! Good Luck :-)


Hannah Sampson

💃 go girl! Such a wonderful cause


Paul Drinkwater

good luck Bree


Judy Weldon

Happy Salsa Dancing