Byanca Formaggin

Stars of Casino 2021

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My name is Byanca Formaggin and I have lived in Casino my whole life. I have been lucky enough to meet and marry my amazing husband here and bring up our four beautiful and sometimes cheeky children, I couldn’t be prouder to call this beautiful little town home. I love being a teacher and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I live my day to day life aiming to be the best role model possible for my kids and the kids I teach. I love to laugh
and joke but most of all live life being grateful for everyday.

I can’t say that I was overcome with excitement when being asked to be a part of this great event, but after many days and nights pondering the idea I came to the conclusion that this would be an amazing opportunity to support a wonderful cause while being a positive role model for my four gorgeous children and the students I teach. Life is full of challenges that put us out of our comfort zone. By tackling this daunting hurdle for myself
I hope to instill strength, courage and self belief to each and every student at SMP having them know that they are capable of anything they put their minds too.

Thank you to my Sponsors


La Baracca



Thanks for doing your bit for this fabulous cause.


Natasha Williamson

So proud of you my beautiful cousin xx


John P Handran

Good luck Byanca. Such a very worthy cause. I wish I could do more.



Dance baby!


Sharon Scherf

Always knew you could dance 💃


Indie Bonner


Carol Daley

Hi sweetie so proud of you such a great cause


Helen Studdert

Very proud of you,such a good cause


Anna Parkinson

Thank you for your courage,enthusiastic approach and taking that leap for a wonderful cause. All our love from the Ballina tribe.


Makenzie Pearce