Chris Planer

Stars of Western Sydney

A little bit about myself

I have lived in the Blacktown LGA for 40 years. I decided to take part in this event because I am a cancer survivor myself. At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with cancer of the nasal/sinus region and underwent an operation to remove the tumour, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. After overcoming cancer I struggles with the effects it had on my mental health and physical appearance and as a result found myself battling a chronic substance addiction. I want to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Council so they may continue to support other people affected by cancer, advocate on behalf of the community on cancer related issues and work towards a cancer free future. I have no dance experience whatsoever and would have to describe myself as pretty uncoordinated when it comes to the dance floor, so I guess I'm really looking forward to the challenge of getting out of my comfort zone to learn something totally new while also keeping fit and healthy. 

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Natalia Arnas

You are a real inspirational Star Chris, and to put yourself out there and do something that is out of your comfort zone is admirable and something to be proud of! Along with everything you have been through in life, I just know you will kill it on the dancefloor 🤩


Chris Planer


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