Christina McPherson

Stars of Eurobodalla 2022

Partner | McPherson Park Lawyers

Christina is a partner at McPherson Park Lawyers in Batemans Bay. Every day is different for Christina as she assists a wide range of clients through various milestones in their life. Christina’s practice focuses on commercial & business law, land development, conveyancing, estate planning and estate administration. Both Christina and her husband grew up in Batemans Bay and their families continue to reside in the area. Christina is very motivated to fundraise cancer patients and their families in the Eurobodalla Shire, supporting programs such as transport to treatment, prevention programs and free financial, legal and emotional support. Since she generally loves music, it doesn’t take much for Christina to get up and have a dance and she usually does so with her three and five-year-old sons. While she is a little bit nervous about having three left feet, Christina’s adaptability, and openness as well as her general outlook on enjoying life will be her biggest strength in the dance for cancer. 

Dance Partner


Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is an Aussie with a passion for dance. She is a licensed ZIN Zumba instructor and comes from a background in hip hop and working with vulnerable people in society. Jessica has contributed her own choreo pieces for events in Canberra, at Zumba events to support raise funds for improved mental health and to support the LGBTQI+ communities. Jessica has had the honour of teaching zumba at the Eurobodalla Council Kids Fest in 2021 and commenced virtual zumba classes weekly during covid lockdown, to support all people improve their wellbeing through a means comfortable for everyone!

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Woop! Great cause and best lawyer ever!


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Razzle dazzle on the dance floor Christina !!! Good luck and great effort !!!


Vamped Beauty

You are an awesome & inspiring woman Christina. You will rock on the dancefloor!


Pat Jameson

Well done Christina from Blackshaws!



We love you and can’t wait to cheer you on Christina! There is nothing you can’t do and we are so proud!


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Enjoy and good luck


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All the best for a very good cause


Jess Purcell

Go Christina, you will be amazing!


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Great work Christina - can't wait to see your moves.


Sue Purcell

Go Christina, a wonderful cause and a great way to support our community ❤


Charles Stansfield

Great idea Christina - I'm sure you'll win it!


Julie Mackay

Good luck Christina and Jess for Saturday