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Stars of Sydney South West 2022

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Should I be having this much fun?

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the lack of updates, however, I've been having so much fun during lessons with Holly that I forget to update my following!  

I've endured sore muscles, embarrassment, office humour, dress rehearsals and loads of laughter as we slowly approach the final event.

Holly has been extremely patient and I've now realised she is also an extremely good liar!  She tells me quite often that I'm doing well and have rhythm yet as the videos circulate the office, no one else seems to agree!

I'm getting slightly nervous about how much entertainment I'm going to provide on the night, but all in all I'm having a ball during my lessons, I'm being a great sport as office staff are enjoying a laugh at my expense and I'm thrilled with the donations so far.

New goal of $12,500 - keep them coming!

First lesson nerves!!

Sooooo the  day is almost here!  I have my first lesson at 12pm tomorrow - Friday 26 March!  There are few things to note about this first lesson:

*  I am thankful Tenielle has shown mercy to allow me ONE private lesson before opening my lessons up for viewing;
*  My calves are already screaming pre-dance lesson;
*   I have purchase epsom salts to bathe in Friday night;
*  Holly may need steel toe caps to avoid my two left feet;
*  While this is all amusing, I'm quietly freaking out inside.

Be sure to check out my blog following the weekend when I have updated about my first lesson!!!

Meet Holly BIshop!!!

I spent my last weekend without sore calves as my first dancing lesson approaches this week!  I am told that I'm in good hands as I have been partnered with none other than Holly Bishop the 2020 winning teacher!

One of the first things Holly said to me was "start stretching your calves because even the most basic moves will hurt".  This gave me great confidence as we head into our lessons!  

Holly has a mountain of dance experience in many different genres and knowing that she has toured with Riverdance gives me the confidence that she will not only be a miracle worker, but she might help me take out the title! 

Work colleagues have been Irish "jigging" around the office at my expense, but I'm putting all my faith in Holly to train these two left feet how to shuffle enough to get me through a 2.30 minute routine!

Keep those donations coming in everyone, if I can't win first place in the dancing, I would love to take out the Top Star for donations!

Yours in dance...


Blown away by your generosity!

Currently the 'Top Star' for the South West and absolutely blown away by the generosity from all of my sponsors so far!  With the launch only 2 days ago and already over half way to my $5,000 goal - begs the question .... can I break the fundraising records?

Spread the word, share my fundraising page and let's help find a cure for this horrible disease that effects so many people around the globe!

The Big Reveal

While it was only 2 days ago, I'm still re-living the moment I opened the genre card which sealed my fate!  

I've spent the last two days stretching my calves after dance teacher Holly confesses that "even the basic moves hurt your calves".

I keep removing myself that this is all for a wonderful cause to help fight cancer and raise funds for much needed research to one day help find a cure!

Launch of Stars of the Sydney South West

I attended the event launch yesterday nervous yet eager to find out what genre I would be dancing and to find out what poor dance instructor was unfortunate enough to have to teach me how to dance.

Colleagues were hoping for hip hop or tap to really put me out of my comfort zone, so they were highly amused when I opened my Star Card to read "IRISH".

To soften the blow of such a difficult genre, I was fortunate enough to be partnered with Holly Bishop, last year's winning teacher so I hope Holly can work miracles because I'm going to need one!

I tried a practice run at home last night and thought I would share:

Get donating everyone, I'm going to need all the support and sponsorship I can get!

Yours in dancing,

Craig, the Irish Leprechaun

Thank you to my Sponsors



All the best Craig


Revesby Workers Club


Barrie Coombe


Exactpro Pty Ltd T/as Exact Security

Wonderful cause Craig. All the best.


Daniel Nassif - Flip Out Revesby

All the best from Flip Out Revesby! We are more than happy to have you in store for some pre-dance trampoline fitness in the lead up to your big event.


Konami Australia Pty Ltd


Matthew Psaltis


Lateral Projects

Fergus is so excited about you dancing his native jig. To be sure, to be sure.


Tanya Epton

You constantly amaze us, but this has to take the cake! We cannot wait to cheer the loudest (and laugh the loudest) in June when we finally get to see all your hard work! In the meantime I’ll look for a 4 leaf may need one! Love Your Number 1 Fans! XX


Cavanagh Electrics


1800arcade Pty Ltd


Ray And Chris Benham


Daryl Melham

All the best twinkle toes.


Scott Bennetts

Irish, that's the best. Well done for going well outside the comfort zone


Pigott Stinson

Good luck Craig from everyone at Pigott Stinson


Armando Nardi

Good luck Craig...I cant wait to see your moves!


Lisa Petrie

Looks like Michael Flatley has some competition! All the best Craig.


Cameron Louis

Looking forward to seeing Twinkle Toes in action! Does this go to Live TV??? Channel 09 perhaps!


Maryann Cook


Sam Ekinci

Well done mate for a worthy cause. Always stepping out of the comfort zone and I am sure you'll nail it like a champion :-)


Christine Flocco

Well done Craig PS your mum twisted my arm


Glenn Kovacs

Good luck Craig no doubt you had some practice on St Patricks Day.


Marilyn Epton

Proud of you Mate x


Allison Gibbons

Good luck!!


Leonie Kyriacou

Move aside Michael Flatley - riverdance here you come


Belinda Kay

I'm pledging $1 for every time this makes me laugh, here is my down payment.


Jenny Irwin

Go Craig, you are very brave !!! (and us too for watching you ) Super proud and we can't wait to see the end result.



Well done Craig. Great cause and I am sure you will eat up the dance floor.


Alison Neal

Thankyou Craig (and your beautiful family)!! Cant wait to see the footage haha x


Nathan Mills



Courageous to say the least! Good luck on the big night!!


Denise Follers

So excited to watch you dance Craig!


Sharyn Buhagiar

This will be fun! Great cause!


Craig Williams

Show them that Craig's have the best moves!


Adam & Zara Motbey

Such a great cause Craig! Can’t wait for you to show the boys some moves down at Narooma so that we can have our very own performance!


Raoul And Sue Corry

Well done Craig


Chrissy Cicero

Good on you Craig, have fun burning up the dance floor 🕺🏽


Lynne Maidment

Show them how it’s done Craig 🕺🏻🕺🏻


Anna Gorman

Yay Craig👍🏻😀


David Turner

Well done Craig, you're much braver than me!


Daniel Imbert

Good on ya


Simon Melham

Good luck in the "Big Dance" Craig. Great cause!


Tenielle Symington

Looking forward to watching you "dance" Craig - if we can even call it that :)


Carrol Jarvis

Well done Craig - you are a STAR for sure.


Lynne Maidment

Go Craig ❤️🕺🏻🕺🏻 For a good cause


The Hawke's

Thank you Craig for supporting such a worthy cause. I can't wait to see the video.




Di & Steve

Good on you Craig!


Ritu Singh

All the Best


Louis Phan Doan

Toward a cancer free future.


Rhiannon Bate


Lance Howes

Good luck mate. Can't wait for the performance.


Christopher Hill

Well done young man:: All for a GREAT cause...


Chris Kirillas


Cheryl Simpson

Go Craig


Tracey Johnson

Well done Craig x


Julie & James

Go Craig! We expect an encore performance in Narooma xx


Sharon Jean Whitaker