David De Koeyer

Stars of The Border 2024

🌟 Meet David De Koeyer! 🌟

Introducing David, a proud born-and-raised Wodonga local and the second eldest among four siblings who all share a love for basketball. In addition to his familial ties, David is a devoted father to three children – Harper, Levi, and Boston.

Basketball is more than just a family pastime; David takes on the role of coaching Harper in U14 Wodonga rep basketball, exemplifying his commitment to both family and community.

Beyond the basketball court, David's life unfolds on a property just outside of town in North Barnawartha, where he co-manages an events venue named 'Redbank Events' with his sister. This venue becomes a hub for a diverse range of occasions, including weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and photo shoots.

Adding to his dynamic professional portfolio, David is a qualified plumber by trade and is the proud owner of Skout Plumbing. Additionally, he serves as the Business Operations Manager for HAVN Building and Design, showcasing his multifaceted skill set and dedication to diverse ventures.

Now, David is gearing up for a new and exciting challenge as he participates in the Stars of the Border fundraiser. In this endeavor, he will be learning to dance with the goal of performing at a gala event in May, all to raise funds for cancer. Through his involvement in this event, David not only brings his athletic and managerial prowess but also contributes to a cause that holds personal and community significance. Whether on the basketball court, managing events, or overseeing plumbing and business operations, David's journey in Stars of the Border reflects his commitment to embracing new challenges and making a positive impact in various facets of his life.

We asked David to describe his dance style in three words so we can give a hint of what we are in for this year; collaborative, lively, energetic!

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