Flor Bautista Artus

Stars of Sydney South West 2024

Join Flor as she represents the Liverpool Catholic Club

Join Flor as she represents the Liverpool Catholic Club participating in Stars of Sydney South West 2024, for a cause close to her heart. 

With three talented children who have previously graced the stage, Flor is no stranger to the dance scene. Now, she's stepping out of her comfort zone to make a difference in the fight against cancer, inspired by her mother's courageous battle. 

Support Flors fundraising efforts today in any way you can and help make a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by cancer.

My Updates

Big thanks to all!

We are five weeks away to the Event night and it’s been smazing so far.  I’m very grateful and thankful for all the  support I’m receiving and hopefully will continue to receive.  Thank you and God Bless🙏💕

Let’s dance for a cause!

Help me make a difference to fight against cancer.  On June 14, 2024 I will be dancing for “STARS dance for cancer”  together with my dance teacher Nandini.  We would like to ask your  support by donating in any way you can to this very good cause.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Natasha Artus

Go Mum!!


Cathy Hurst

Good luck Flor. God Bless.



Yay mum!!


Bautista Family

Let’s make a Difference


Ella And Joel Queyquep

Our hearts felt very touched by your gesture to make a positive impact for people who have cancer. You are an inspiration and an advocate to us. More power to you Flor!


Cora R Kurina B


Vincent Tran


Josephine Delos Reyes

Go Love, you’re doing an excellent work. A very good cause!


Norma Mcnally

God Bless you Flor for all your works.


Bautista Fraulein


Hup Soccer Skills

What a hero!


Josephine Delis Retes

Good luck, you’re doing an amazing job “believe you can and you’re halfway there”.


Stella Waugh-middleton And Ian Middleton



We love you Aunty. Thanks for looking after me and my twin brother Manu.



We love to support Aunty Flor thanks for taking care of me and twin brother Uruguay.


Mariam Malko



Yay Flor!


Tenaj Sheehan



Sherry Moussa


Tam Bui

Lets go Flordelyn!


Ryan M


Tatjana Vipic


Angelo Melendres