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Pete's Car Wash

All the very best Gia and Jack in your dancing journey and for the big night. We're sure your car washing style reflects your dancing! From the entire Team at Pete's Car Wash.


Meat Raffles And Donation Boxes

Go us!!!!


Mongrel Boots

Have fun guys!


Peter Kable


Event Fundraising


Event Fundraising


Bills Beans East Orange Donation Box

Good luck Jack!


Liz Hammond

Taylor Henderson Ok Gia! Ive donated $20 per person for who is coming to Taylors concert with me! So Thats $60! Im shouting my best friend and god daughter who are coming from Sydney Im honestly one of Taylors biggest fans and cant wait for Friday! Ive supported him since X Factor auditions 12 years ago but never met him!




Penny Banks

Four laps for the price of three?


Mia Dowie

Good on you guys!


Lachlan Munn

Good work guys


Christine Hughes

Dancing for a great cause.... Well done and best of luck to you both on the night!



Taylor Henderson ♥️ Oh and good job guys your going to smash it 👊🏻😀



Good on ya Gia!


Caitlin West

Good luck Jacko! Go kill it on the dance floor 😉😅


Elaine And Jim Farrer

Another $20 if you can get Mikes to join you at least once up the hill. Go a Gia I know you've got this!


Clarissa Nugent

Taylor Henderson ❤❤


Ashleigh Smith

Kill it babe, you’ve got this xx


Annabelle Brett

On ya Gia!


Grayson Rosborough

Do a lap for me buddy


Jacob Faini


Emily Watson

Taylor Henderson


William Tierney


Elaine Farrer

Donation for Mike's effort as promised


Jess Partelle

Taylor Henderson 🥰 you got this Gia!


Megan Alexander

Have a lap! So proud of you for doing this 😊


Tobias Thomas

Good luck jack