Jade Tonta

Stars of Wollongong 2024

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As a passionate radio host, I’ve found my purpose in using my platform to uplift and serve the community. Let me share a glimpse into my journey: I’m driven by a desire to make a positive impact. Whether it’s Go Fund Me Fridays, supporting the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life, or countless other initiatives, I’m committed to giving back. Growing up, I was that kid who couldn’t stop talking in school. Little did I know that this gift of gab would lead me to brighten someone’s day through the airwaves. Now, as a radio host, I get to connect with listeners and spread joy. For 18 years, I’ve been part of the Wave FM family. The mic has been my companion, and the studio my canvas. But my journey doesn’t end there. Balancing work and family life isn’t easy. With four kids spanning ages from 21 to 3, my days are a delightful whirlwind. It’s been a long time between drinks, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My hubby and I are on a mission. We’re building a sustainable brewery, fueled by our love for the environment and our beautiful Illawarra home. We believe we’re the generation that can make a difference. This year, I’m breaking free from my comfort zone. “Finger Out at 44” Era: I’ve taken up surfing and strummed my way into learning the guitar. Life begins anew at 44! So let’s peel back some of my layers: you might not know. I once won “The Price Is Right”—a surreal moment. My roots trace back to New Zealand, and my dad is Māori. Oh and Yes, I’m in a book club—because even ditzy moments deserve literary escapes. People sometimes call me “Crunchy”: brown hair on the outside with a blonde center. Surprise! I’m not just a chatterbox; I made it onto the Dean’s Merit List in high school. So, tune in to Wave FM, and let’s ride the airwaves together!

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Oak Flats Bowling Recreation Club


Lj Hooker Home Loans Illawarra And South Coast

Go Jade, cut loose


Gavin Flanagan

"Go Jade"


Sean O'shannassy

Enjoy the experience Jade - you'll do great!


Sharon Washbourne

Hope you're wearing your boots to dance in 😍. Good on ya Jade, great cause very close to my heart


Rhiannon Mcleish

Good luck, Jade! Such a worthwhile cause.


Frank Barila

Good luck Jade!!!


Barry Keohane

Dance up a storm!


Judy Mccracken

Go get 'em girl


Kristen Paniagua

Go Jade!!