Joshua Booyens

Stars of Ballina Shire

Joshua Booyens!

It is a rare person that hasn't been touched by cancer. I have always been moved by how such a traumatic life event can help bring people together and celebrate life!


Being a part of the Lismore Symphony Orchestra family, I am constantly reminded of how blessed we are to be able to bring the joy of music to our audiences. No matter what is happening outside of our performance, for 90 mins we have undivided attention and the privilege of taking people on a musical journey, away from the 'day to day' and to another space.


The work of the Cancer Council is incredibly similar and I am proud to have been asked to be a part of Stars of Ballina. Myself and my dance partner Charlotte can't wait to put on show... Or at least give you a good laugh trying!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Alexander Sexton

I hope you dance better than that time you did in South Africa. What colour heels will you be wearing? I’m sad I’m not there to cheer you on, and/or show you up. They have no idea what they’ve done😂 Love your guts x