Judy Leale

Stars of Casino 2021

My name is Judy Leale, I have lived in Casino for just over 20years now, moving here from Tasmania.

I am married with 2 children, Jessica & Caleb. Myself & my husband, Mark, are the owners of the local Hardware store, Casino DIY Hardware.

I am open, passionate & sincere. Those who know me, know that I give everything I do 100%. I am a hard worker & never really stop… rain, hail or shine.

I enjoy a challenge, so here I am. Let’s do this!!!!

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Colleen Roberts

Go Jude x


Jess Leale, Nick Lynn .

Our true Inspiration xx


Toni Northfield


Julie Lindsay

Good luck Judy .



Go get them dancing queen 💃🏻


Colleen Hickling

Good on you Judy You are pretty amazing and valued in our community.




Nikki Fletcher

So proud of you..


Judy Leale