Karlie Zec

Stars of Wollongong 2024

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I’m doing this for a close family member who has now passed. As a business owner, I put my hand up to help where I can, not just for my family and friends but the community in which we live. My role is delightfully diverse. Some days, I don the hat of an administrator and handle accounts payable; other days, I transform into a counsellor and even play the role of a garbage lady! I’m an active member of our local community, always eager to lend a helping hand and raise funds for worthy causes. This involvement not only motivates me to stay fit but also adds an element of fun to my life. Let’s dive into my strengths, I’m hardworking, I give it my all, no matter the task. I have a big Heart, Compassion drives me, I genuinely care about people. I have a bubbly Personality, Life’s too short not to enjoy it with a smile! I worry that my fitness level might not be up to par for dancing on stage. And oh, the dance steps, I hope they stick in my memory! In my younger days, at primary school I danced. But these days, it’s usually a night out with Britney Spears providing the soundtrack for a fantastic time. Three interesting things about me I’m an early Homeowner, at the tender age of 19, I purchased my first house, quite the achievement if I do say so myself! In 2021, I proudly received the Excellence in Micro Business Award at the Illawarra Business Awards. In 2023, I raised an impressive $261,000 for The Illawarra Community Foundation. 

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Martes Cordina

Go Karlie, you'll do great..


Universal Flooring Xtra

All the best Karlie


Busy Goddess Marketing Co.

I am so proud of you and feel so immensely privileged to be able to witness all of the greatness you do, and the way you shine each and everyday! You are going to be a rockstar on the night!


Rick Zec

Go Karlie, you are going to kill it. We are super proud of you. Love Rick and Mel


Paul Scully



You'll do great Karlie!


Sean O'shannassy

You'll have a blast Karlie! And all for a great cause.


M2 Kitchen

Good luck, Karlie! :)


Crystal Wright

You’re a super star Karlie. Can’t wait to watch you shine ⭐️


Tania Brown

Have fun Karlie!



So excited to be doing Stars with you! xx


John Oldbury

Best of luck 🤩


Distinct Business Solutions

Go Karlie! So proud of you!


Birdblack Design

Go Karlie!