Stars of the Central Coast 2024



Dr Kelly is a proud Dunghutti woman. She is the founder of Coastal Goddess, a doctor run, cosmetic and women’s intimate health clinic by the water in Saratoga.


Originally working as a radiographer and sonographer, Kelly entered medicine at age of 30, with 4-year-old twins. Studying at Western Sydney University she graduated with her MBBS in 2013. Kelly then went on to complete her junior medical years at Gosford hospital, then worked as a doctor in radiation oncology at the Central Coast Cancer Centre, for three years before moving into the private sector as a surgical assistant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Bariatric surgery, Orthopaedic surgery and general surgery and as career medical officer, providing ward-based care.


Always striving for something more, to be able to do more, to be more - Dr Kelly decided to combine her passion for cosmetic medicine with her oncology background to develop Coastal Goddess, and has landed exactly where she needed to be!


She had a vision of providing women a calm, inviting, medical but not clinical, place of empowerment and choice. Choices to embark on treatments to improve their self confidence. Coastal Goddess is a doctor run anti-ageing and intimate health clinic addressing all aspects of ageing. Not just skin quality and wrinkles, but addressing  well-being and intimate health.


Dr Kelly is also a passionate advocate for cancer research. She has partnered with WomenCan to raise funds and awareness for gynecological cancer, and together with Coastal Goddess, has raised over $45 000 at the Coastal Goddess annual charity lunch over the last 2 years. She has also been invited to be a member of ANZGOG, and is looking forward to an advocacy role, to help further improve the lives of women living with gynecological cancer.


Unfortunately, Dr Kelly has also had a personal cancer experience, being diagnosed with cervical cancer in May this year. Fortunately, it was early stage, and was able to be treated with surgery alone.


She is both honoured and terrified to be a part of Stars of the Central Coast in 2024, and excited about seeing how much money she can raise!


Kelly will be dancing Broadway routine with Lauren Miller.


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Liz Herbert

All the best Kelly!


Denise Darcy

You are inspiring giving women an option for care. Good luck my girl


Jemima Howe

Go girl!


Teagan Byrne

So proud of you Kel!




Kylie Mallia

Best of luck, Kelly!


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Zoe Pavy

Good on you Kelly, you’re braver than I and it’s for a great cause. Enjoy the experience, love Zoe


Jenny Stevenshofer

Good luck!


Sandra Moore

I hope you really enjoy this experience and good luck.