Lara Keogh

Stars of the Central Coast 2022

A little bit about Lara...

Lara’s chosen career as a Clinical Psychologist has seen her devoting much of her time and expertise to working with individuals diagnosed with cancer. Moving from Sydney to the Central Coast seven years ago, she has spent the past four years working at the Central Coast Cancer Centre. 

Lara is passionate about supporting people dealing with cancer and matching an evidence based psychological service to each person’s unique situation and needs.

Although initially terrified of the idea of dancing in front of an audience, Lara is excited to be supporting the Cancer Council NSW and helping them to raise funds for this worthy cause. Ultimately, this will help to ensure the information, resources and support provided by the Cancer Council can continue.

Inspired by her patients who go through scary, difficult, and traumatic experiences along the way in their cancer journey, Lara will give this her all.

“So much of my life is spent supporting people and giving them strategies to cope with difficult situations – whether it’s having an MRI scan when they’re claustrophobic or it’s having to have surgery to remove a lump from their breast or a difficult conversation with a loved one. This is a chance for me to ‘walk the walk’ and do something I’m afraid of, in honour of these people who constantly amaze and inspire me”.

Lara is dancing for her family, friends and patients who have lost their lives to cancer, or who have finished their treatment but continue to live with side effects or the fear of recurrence. 

This is her way of giving back to the people who have made a lasting impression on her heart and mind. 

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High Tea Event Fundraising


Choices Flooring Erina

Congratulations on raising so much money for such an amazing cause.


Morning Tea Event Fundraising 11/5/22


Headway Health

Well done Lara on a great contribution & we hope it’s a little fun! Katharine & team, HeadwayHealth Psychology Services


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Tracey Cook

What a big heart and bright soul you have.


Louise Sharpe

You will be wonderful!


Julie Westwood

Thank you for raising money for such a worthy cause. What you already do for this community professionally is amazing, but to have the courage to put yourself forward personally too goes to show how strong, courageous, empathic and sincere you are. Thank you for who you are and all that you do.


Megan Rose

Live you Lara thank you and good luck! Thanks for being so wonderful to my dad xx thinking of him today and always live you Bobby Fowler



You are a SUPERSTAR!


Morning Tea Event Fundraising 11/5/22


Sorrento Pizzeria Empire Bay

We’ll done you’ve reached $10,000! Just $2,000 to go! All the very best with your dance. Such an honour helping those in need ❤️🍕


Heidi Middlebrook

Great cause, we’ll done Lara!


Steph, Dean And Arabella Robb

What an amazing and fun initiative. Enjoy Lara!



You got this! Thank you for everything that you do, it means so much x


Fundraising Collections


Carolyn Howard

Wishing you all the very best for the big night! You are amazing!


Elisabeth Mitchelmore

Such a worthy course! Wonderful. Dance for all of us😊🌹


Caitlin Keogh


Kathryn Nicholson

You are always a superstar to me xx


Cancer Services Executive Team

Congratulation Lara, do us all proud!


Minette Ansell

Incredible Lara, such a worthy cause, thank you for donning those dancing shoes!


Kathy Rooney

Such a wonderful thing you are doing Lara! Enjoy the evening!!


Hamish, Grace, Anna & James

You’re an inspiration Lara!


Brian Keogh



Well done!



So sorry to hear you are not going to be able to dance tonight and that you have the dreaded C - hope you feel better soon xxx


Peter Bagnall

Good on you Lara its a good cause



Such a great cause. Good luck Lara! I hope you have a great time.






Abi Hughes

What a great idea, and for a wonderful cause!



Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to fight against this god awful disease. Chookas darling xx


Jasmine Price

What an amazing effort Lara!


Hummingbird Solutions

Wishing you all the best !!! You’re doing such a great job raising money for a great cause



Good luck Lara, you will be fabulous.. Hope to be cheering you on x



Let's get this party started!


Coastal Lawyers

Wishing you all the best with your fundraising and the wonderful work you do.


Kerry Kenward

Congratulations Lara your our Star ⭐️






Jo & Scott Sheather

So disappointed for you. But well done on all your hard work xx


Kate Oliver

You are awesome - thank you for all you do every day, and what you are doing in a different way to support our gorgeous patients and their families ♥️



You’ve done amazing. Congratulations x



Go Lara!! You're a star :)



Beautiful Lara , you got this x.


Yvette Carr

You’re amazing, Lara! What a fantastic cause. Good luck with it. Xox


Anna Wallace

Good luck Lara! I’m sure you will be amazing. And what a great cause! X


Jess Medd

Good on you Lara, so brave!


Kel Hartigan

So inspirational Lara 💕


Natalie Lambert

Good luck Lara the Star! You will be awesome:)



You’ll be amazing. Thanks for raising awareness and money for such an important cause.


Natasha Davis

Congratulations Lara! What a huge success and for such a worthy cause. You nailed it!


Maria Griffin

Well done Lara! Congratulations on your fundraising and dancing efforts!


Alex Corcoran

Woo hoo go Lara! Thank you for jumping right out of your comfort zone for such a worthy cause. Walking the talk! Good luck xo



Can't wait to see you dancing, good luck!


Angela Greer

Awesome work Lara!


Charlotte Piper

What a beautiful thing to do Lara. You are changing people's lives xx


Jo Eltringham


Tamara Tunnicliff

You go girl! You will nail it!


Madeleine Shaw

Good luck Lara!


Lynnere Gray

Go Lara!


Rowena Macdonald

What a wonderful woman you are... You'll shine up there with that smile of yours!


Kelly & Robert Holloway

Lara you are a true inspiration… Know that Cancer Council are there when you need them most! Thankyou xx


Elizabeth Cairns

You’re a star Lara - a dancing star.




Zoe Akeroyd

I’m sure you will smash it Lara. You are a beautiful person inside and out.


Kathy Fletcher

Great cause!


Julie Janssan

You will be amazing! Well done for doing this. It’s such an important cause ♥️


Ashley Gentle

Well done, Lara! Enjoy yourself!


Savannah Blaize

Well done Lara. You have faced your fears for a very worthy cause.




Deborah Johnston