Linda Dalton

Stars of Bellingen Shire

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My motivation to be involved is it’s a good cause, it will be great fun, I’d love to learn to dance and I

adopted Bellingen as a young person because it was a special place. It’s still special and it’s a good thing to be part of anything that makes it more so.

Linda works as a solicitor in Bellingen specializing in Family law, Wills and estates work but a truer description is that she works on the stuff that slips through the cracks- trying to fix broken systems and building community. She is the biological mother to two grown children and emotional mother to many more. A couple of years ago she qualified as a celebrant – a second string in her bow which brings together her legal skills, her love of community, stories, celebration, beautiful cakes and making people cry for all the right reasons.

As a solicitor she is a trusted advisor. Being a celebrant is an extension of that – it’s being involved in people’s lives through their most important events and most special days. In both occupations she works with fabulous people, hears incredible stories and gets paid to think, write, solve problems and create. It doesn’t get much better than that.