Loren Enfield

Stars of Hastings 2024

Cancer - it has found a space in my life through my beautiful near son-in-law. His warrior spirit has persevered through 4 years of cancer struggles. 3 brain tumors and then a cell kill off which was very traumatic.

All this happened within 4 years and at only 18-22 yrs of age!
I will dance for his warrior spirit and the graciousness and strength he carried with him the entire journey.

I am always opening to what is meant to be, the flow of life and opportunities.
 Time to step out of comfort zones and step up to again practice what I preach.
Dance came before surfing and yoga in my life. Before these 2 began nearly 28 years ago, there was dance. 
The first feeling of natural high, release, freedom and joy of the greatest stoke. Not constricted dance, but openly dancing to energy trance, happy hardcore and more. 
It was my first love before loving daylight and nature and my spiritual heart  grew too strong and surf and yoga overtook its space. 
Not entirely. I still love to dance in my family room, chakra dance cleanse and even go to the odd event for dance

My Updates

3 lessons and nailing the lines!

Thank you Di for all your effort and great teaching. Thank you all for your generous donations. Thank you all to those coming to my June 1st fundraising event at Flynn’s or June 28th at Panthers for the main event. Appreciate each and every one of you!

Time to Dance

I think I’m ready. Nervous, overwhelmed and full of openness to what will be. I guess like many that face the Big C word in their lives. 
Very much looking forward to creating my event to help get this fundraising to be riding the waves of hope. Hope you’re on board. Pardon the pun. 
Any support would be grateful. Hoping it helps the families of the  Hastings navigate difficult times. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mid North Coast Towing


Kerry Kranitis

Thank you Loren for stepping up to the challenge …this means so much to all of us…to our beautiful son Lewis, to your beautiful daughter Tahli, to our whole family and yours…can’t wait to see you up on the dance floor! Lots of love Kerry x


Amy Trotter

Onya legend! Love and strength to your almost-son-in-law too xo




Janelle Langham

Love to you and that beautiful boy and your warrior princess daughter.


Lisa Alley

Dance on!!! Brilliant cause, thank you xx




Jaye Roberts

Thinking of you


Ariane Caruso-kern

What a beautiful giving person you are!


Forgiving Foods

Go girl 💫


Jules Jamieson

All the best & good luck x


Rachael Spitzer

You are a superstar! xx


Sara And Phil Rudd

Keep dancing Loren, Thank you xx


Maria Rebecca Quintero

Good luck with the event, the dancing, and fundraising. I'm sure you'll smash all these goals!


Skype Rosemarywoolston.csu


Peta Marlowe

You are one amazing woman. My guru. Love you. Xx 💞





Jenny Eggert

Keep your generous light shining Loren!!!


The Barrys

Awesome Loren, you will be amazing x


Sandra Hindman

You can do anything, go girl 😘 ❤️


Karen Hosking

Go girlfriend!!! Yeeew!


Christine Neufeld

You’re a legend Loren 💘