Madeleine Govender

Stars of Western Sydney

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My name is Madeleine. I am a young member of the local community in Blacktown Council. I’ve lived in Blacktown Council for 13 years, since my family migrated to Australia when I was 12 years old. 
I consider myself to be an ambitious and community-minded individual with a passion for helping others. In particular, I value mental health and cultural diversity. 
Having volunteered at Relay for Life over a number of years, I’ve seen and felt the hope and shared connection in our community. I chose to become a star because I have been inspired by the resilience in my community in the fight against Cancer. 
I’m by no means a professional dancer, but I do love to dance! Dancing has helped me on my own mental health journey by providing a space where I feel free to be myself. I believe that dance has the power to bring people together. I'm excited to transform this, into supporting the Cancer Council.