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The Bare Foot Bowlers bowled me over and together we banked $1570 in the kitty.
The afternoon/evening was more than a success! I was overwhelmed with the support and turn out. Together we can and together we sure did on Saturday!

Still out here trying to dance!

Hi Guys! It’s getting down to the business end of things! We’ve locked in some costumes, (at least a top that’s holds the boobs in, or that may be my winning move)! We’ve been slowly making progress, I’ve just been childish and not practicing cos “it’s too hard!” Sofi has been AMAZING & I am in awe of her creativity & how connected she is to the music. Arabella and her Mum Kirralee, have given their time and effort to help and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m waiting for the part where I just tap my feet & Arabella pulls out all the moves… somehow I think Sofi won’t let that happen!

Wirrimibi Milling and another BIG THANK YOU!

A big thank you to David & Kristi Zeck from Wirrimbi Milling Casino. Wirrimbi Milling in Cassino Drive Casino, mill the macadamia shells from all local factories into a high grade macadmia meal. Dave saw the need in the droughts, and envisioned a business model that works on using what could be classed as 'waste product' into a very beneficial product for farmers and feedlots.  You can also purchase directly from them if you only require a smaller load.

Dave and Kristi also gave Jason a chance to pursue his Truck Company dream and worked with us in helping cart their Macadamia Shells and Macadamia Meal. This working relationship is still strong to this day and to have them offer a bronze sponsorship to my 2 left feet was very much a wonderful surprise.

A little quiet on the dance front - still trying to get the 1min30secs I have into a flowing sequence of dance moves. Trust me, its a mission and a half!

Please share my page, support my upcoming fundraising events and raffles and most importantly hug your loved ones and don't ever not tell them how much you love them.

Yours in 2 left feet,
Marika xx

BH Rural Fencing & A BIG THANK YOU

A big thank you to Kloe and Bart Holmes who own BH Rural Fencing. They have given me SILVER Sponsorship! Kloe and Bart's beautiful daughter Paige is friends with Jorgie but it was most unexpected when they approached me to offer sponsorship. I cannot thank them enough for their support and encouragement. Please follow BG Rural Fencing on facebook and reach out to them for any rural fencing needs!

A big thank you to all those who have recently made a donation to my page. I appreciate how tough the cost of living is it at the moment and many of us don't have spare change. Your donations have not gone unnoticed and are very much appreciated!

Follow along on my Facebook for dancing updates and antics.

Yours in two left feet
Marika x

Together we can...

Thanks for stopping by my profile! Every dollar counts and I appreciate each and everyone of you who donate. Please share the link to my page and follow along on my socials and Lemos Socials as I share my journey.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bh Rural Fencing


Bare Foot Bowlers Unite!


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Love Mum & Dad x


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Marika Gava


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Go girl!! We know you’ll be amazing. Love you


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Good on you Marika. Proud of your efforts


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Amazing work Reik! Love you! Good luck! I know you will smash it ❤️


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You are amazing.


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Nice work. You will crush it 👌🏻


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You go girl...xxxx


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Way to go Reik!!! You go gurl xx