Mary McTaggart

Stars of Western Sydney

I'm fundraising for...

I have worked in a variety of Clubs in Western Sydney for the past 5 years, holding executive management and project management positions.   This has allowed me to interact and participate within the Western Sydney community ie. Parramatta Mission and Ronald McDonald House. 


It has introduced me to a wide audience of different people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and has instilled a sense of pushing outside my comfort zone to help the greater community in times of need. 


have always been keen to take on challenges and this worthy initiative is a great opportunity to  

be part of something that can have a positive impact on people who are currently fighting through Cancer. 


I have very limited dancing experience, however that does not limit my enthusiasm and desire to put all my efforts into this journey.  What I am most excited about is utilising all my networks to drive this initiative in the Wenty Community along with learning new creative dance techniques.