Meg MacIntosh

Stars of the Central Coast

Meg has been a part of the Five Star Day Spa team since 2006, spoiling and pampering her guests, building great friendships along the way.

Her treatment room is nicknamed the Cone of Silence, and she considers herself privileged when her clients share with her their personal stories. Some of these stories have also involved cancer journeys – from a lady who apologised for having had a double mastectomy, to one who lives in fear that her cancer will return even after being clear for 10 years, to another who is undergoing tests right now to confirm if she has breast cancer, the list goes on. Meg’s personal friendship circle is also surrounded with friends and family members who have beaten and lost their lives to cancer.

When Meg’s boss, Nicole Spargo was asked to compete in Stars of the Central Coast but was informed by her doctor that her existing Achilles injury would mean she would not be able to participate – Nicole came to the doorway of the Cone of Silence last week and simply said “you’re up MacIntosh” . Meg was thrilled and terrified at the same time.

So she’s well and truly taking one for the team …. 5 Star Day Spa REPRESENT.

On Friday 15th May, Meg will dance a SALSA routine with her dance partner, Krin.

Dance Partner



Krin is the founder and director of Central Coast Dance, the largest Latin Dance school in the Central Coast.

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My Updates


Soooo THIS talented guy has two of his paintings in the White House!!! His works have hung in exhibition alongside the likes of Arthur Boyd, Brett Whitely and John Olsen, and has garnered acclaim from Australian & International icons such as Arthur Boyd, Pro Hart, former United States President George Bush Snr, & former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.


Join us on Wednesday 25 March at The Joker & Thief, Terrigal for our FUNdraising event, raising money for Cancer Council NSW. Lots of music, dancing, food and cocktails, raffles and most of all FUNdraising for a great cause.


The C Word

Have you noticed that when you buy a new car, you see a gazillion other people driving your car. I've found the same thing (well no not really but I hope you understand what I mean) with those who aren't travelling so well with their health. 

Since I've started my very short journey with Cancer Council and the Stars, I've become more and more aware of those who are travelling the "C Word Journey".

Just this morning a beautiful friend told me her mum has just been diagnosed with cancer. Her father passed away from cancer last year. A difficult time for all her family on so many levels.

Waiting in limbo: I understand one of the many hard parts of this process is the wait...wait...wait for doctors appointments, specialists appointments, tests and more tests, and then waiting again to find out IF you have that thing that people don't want to say or hear, all the while having to keep it a secret so you don't worry others.

And then there's the journey of having a positive diagnosis........

There's a hesitation, almost second guessing when writing this blog as I am so naive about so much. There's a kind of reverence to it.

What I do know is that I want to do my very best in representing Cancer Council NSW and raising as many dollars as I can for those who need it the most. 

And soooooo the fun begins!

Salsa classes have started - I'll be lucky to walk properly tomorrow thanks to a very "enthusiastic" teacher named Krin.

Event planning has begun - some VERY exciting things being planned and I can't wait to share these with you when things are locked in place.

One thing I do want to say is, and I'll say it again and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have donated and continue to do so - dollars, time, ideas, talent, and so sooo much encouragement.

Might even keep up this dancing business after it's all over too (if I'm able to stand up straight).

Til next kind to you xxx

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Best of luck Meg


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Well done Super Star!! Love your Five Star Team x


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What a fabulous thing you are doing. Go you! One thing is for sure you will make it fun and bring plenty of laughter x


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You’ll be Megcellent!!


Meg Macintosh


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Sister mine, you can do anything you set your mind to. You will be amazing, full of bubble (and later bubbles!).


Jessica O'neil

Always ready and willing to support such a wonderful and caring woman. Amazing work in supporting such a worthy cause...


Kathy Frew

Hey Meg, your always a star in my eyes whether your dancing or not. Good luck or should I say ‘ brake a leg’. How do I see you in action


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You're going to be amazing! 🌟


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Go get ‘em girl!


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You go girl!


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You go girl xxx


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Go Meg! So proud of you xxx


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Shine brightly beautiful 🌟


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Thank you Meg. Have a blast dancing with two left feet. xx


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