Michael Azzi

Stars of Sydney South West 2022

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Warren Jack

Show me those sexy moves baby πŸ˜‚


Della Skaf

Good luck!


Austin Powers

Yeah baby, yeah


Al Louch

Good luck brother!!!


Ralph Khalaf

Shake it baby πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί


My Guardian

All the best Michael! From Jad and Diala


Genan Issa

Good luck Michael! Cannot wait to see you dance!


Marina Khoury

Go Michael


Nalan Emeli

Great cause


Graziella Rad

Good luck micheal. Well done !


Sid Elias

Good going Michael.


Jason Arraj

Looking forward to seeing you do the cha-cha


George Kazzi

Good luck with it Mick! Love ya!


David Vega

Good Luck Michael!!


Five Dock Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre


Jano Toussounian


Babita Chandra

Love Cookie


Andrew Stewart

Keep on fighting the good fight brother. You're a good man!


Stewart Law

All the best Michael. You already do a lot for charity and this is a great cause.


Nicole Jdey

Dad would be so proud Love you 😘


Charbel Boustani


Shadi And Kassie Boustani

Can’t wait to see you in action cuz....you got this !!


Paty Yammine

Great work Michael! Good luck with your performance :)


Greg Okladnikov

Good cause. Make sure you post the video on Facebook. Well done


Pierre & Renata Azzi

Best of luck cuz. Cannot wait to see you in action


Raine & Horne Liverpool

Great cause brother


Jay Zhong

Hi Brother, proud of you !


Dreem Coaching And Consulting

So inspired and thank you for all that you do!!


Joseph And Wadad Azzi

Good luck Michael. We are proud of you πŸ‘


Laura Jabbour

Well done Michael. Keep on dancing πŸ•Ί I want to see more.


Oonagh Green

Good for you Michael, do this for my Rus as well 😘


Huguette Azzi

All the best cousin πŸ‘


Mona Azzi

Good luck Michael


George Bousamra

God Bless


Marie Hanna

Best of luck


John-paul Azzi

Good luck bro, you got this


George & Sara

Great cause, good on you Mick. God bless


Farid Zaki

God bless you Michael


Bridgette Boustany

Well done Cousin πŸ™


James Duong

Best of luck brother


Sav Singh

Great cause, keep it up


Guita Badaoui

Go Michael!


Simon El-azzi

Goodluck Nephew. Great job. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Tony & Jacqueline Azzi

Good luck Michael!! God bless.


Rajneel R Sen

All the best brother


Joe-mie Sarmiento

I hope you win brother


Wilson Luu

Good luck brother. Break the dance floor!


Charbel Elazzi

Great cause. πŸ™


Carla Lombardo


Chris Hekeik

Well done Michael!!


John Baylouni

What a fantastic cause!


Wally Mehanna

Stay amazing 🀩


Matilde Princiotta

Great cause Mick.


Brigitte Khoury

Good on you cuz β€οΈπŸ™


Melita Valcich

Shake it! Best of luck :-)


Demy Thode

All the best mate


Luis Salvo

Great cause , Great Idea , Great Man. Enjoy and dance your heart out.


Joseph Boustany

Great work Michael!


Rita Azzi


Rania Khalaf

Great cause! Good luck


Marie Azzi

Good luck Michael


Gisele Georges

Cant wait to see you dance πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί


Amitava And Swati Sen

Great work Michael. Well done!. Both us too lost our respective fathers to Cancer. Cheers ...Amit Sen


Saydeh Khalaf

Good on you Mick!


David Sully


Diala Haber

All the best!


Jerome Madulid


John Riomalos

Hey bro, a small amount from my heart. - Bro. John Riomalos (LH1054)


Alice Dodd

Supporting all the way Michael!




Mark Tomas

Good luck Bro!


Chloe Apostolovski

Go Michael!!!!! Love the Apostolovski’s ❀️