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Michelle Clarke | Hair at the Promenade

I have been asked a few times to be a dancer at this event but have always been too afraid! This year I have two close friends battling breast cancer and I just felt this is a way I could help them and others in an indirect way.  I lost my favourite Aunt too many years ago, so this is also for her. 


This will take me way out of my comfort zone, but it will be nothing compared to how family and friends have suffered with loved ones while trying to beat this disease.


21 years ago, Michelle came to Coffs Harbour from Mudgee in the NSW Central Tablelands and now resides at the Jetty with her two loves which she treasures, 14-year-old Groodle called Lily and her partner, Noel. Michelle has two adult children, Maddy and Ben.  


When not at work in her boutique hair salon, Hair at the Promenade, her next love is Triathlon.  Having been involved in sport for around 15 years, Michelle is currently in training for a big race at the end of the year in Port Macquarie.  A lover of the outdoors, Michelle also enjoys socialising. 

My Updates


Welcome to my fundraising page! 
This dancing thing is waaaay out of my comfort zone but if making a fool of myself is going to help this wonderful charity… here I am!
Anything you can donate,large or small, all helps in achieving my fundraising goal!
I will keep you in the loop as to how my twinkle toes are going and hope to see you in October! 
Thank you for your support and please share my page so we can get as many donations as possible!