Sharon Joy

Stars of Coffs Coast

Sharon Joy | Studio of Soul

Sharon Galway is devoting her participation in Stars of Coffs Coast Dance for Cancer to Michelle Taylor, a lifelong best friend and Michelle’s mother Christine who received the shattering news that they both had breast cancer, just two weeks apart.  


In 2007 Sharon’s mum, Lorraine Long received the devastating news she had advanced ovarian cancer.  Lorraine defied the odds by fighting off the disease 5 times in 6 years before sadly passing away in May 2013. 


During Lorraine’s 6-years of defying the odds, Cancer Council supported Lorraine as did a number of smaller cancer charities. 


Fundraising for worthy causes and dancing are 2 of Sharon’s most favourite things to doShe was absolutely honoured to be invited to participate and couldn’t possibly say no!  


In August 2021 Sharon, a business coach and Director launched her business, Studio of Soul.