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My mum, a dietician, retired on her 64th birthday. Fair to say she sacrificed a lot in her career to look after me and my two brothers Matt and Jez. But retirement wasn’t the end for Mum, it was the start, the opportunity to live HER life. She was developing a fine talent as an artist and loved travel (especially coming to Australia) and culture.

The very next day she was informed she had lung cancer.  For five years she battled it admirably, and towards the end, in and out of hospices. 

She even got two wigs, one for home, and a ‘going out’ wig which had flamboyant reddish tinges - she called it the Sharon Osbourne wig.

In her last 3months, I returned to England. In the afternoon, I would carry her out of bed to the car and we would drive to one of the many little villages that pepper Kent, the Garden of England, and we would talk, and have ‘the talk’ that you only have with a parent who is dying. True talk, fears, memories, hopes, desires, wishes. We’d arrive at the village, and by the time I had turned around, she was asleep. She had made her destination. A lesson in itself. I’m crying as I write this. 

Such special times that I always wanted to turn it into a film. Two people in a car isn’t that interesting, so I expanded the premise to 5 countries around the globe, to coincide with our honeymoon, which took us from Sydney to Hong Kong, to London, to Dubai and then India. 

Made by just the two of us, with a small camera and a gopro, what it lacks in production values it makes up in heart. The Road to Vagator won many awards around the world and is a beautiful tribute to my Mum. Watch it here

Those angels in the hospice showed Mum, and us, human kindness I didn’t think possible, and so when Sian asked me to get involved with this, it took me about 0.03 nano seconds to say yes - its to honour those palliative care nurses.

Vale Mum, I hope I make you proud.

Nick is a filmmaker and business owner based in Bulli with an office in Sydney, working across film, documentary and commercial. 

His last two creative projects have been Oscar longlisted (Mate 2023), and an Australian Academy award winner, (Finding Addison 2024). 

Drawn to live action production, primarily set in the current day that address human issues and societal themes, his work makes you think about the world we live in and what makes it a better place. 

Nick is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of TEN ALPHAS, a production company based in Sydney and Wollongong, locally we have worked with Wollongong City Council, Easy Agile, UOW, and many more. 

Our sister business TEN ALPHAS FILMS develops original creative narrative projects. 

He has been recognised onto the Screen Practitioner program by Screen NSW and SPA and was nominated for Best Producer of the Year Short Film at the 2023 SPA Awards. 

As the Chair of Screen Illawarra, Nick is passionate about growing the screen community in a regional area and was recognised in the City of Wollongong Awards 2024 for Services to Arts and Culture. 

Nick is very proud to teach at AFTRS and Sydney Film School, and as an actor is represented by Victoria Jackson at Phoenix Talent.

My Updates

South Coast Writers Centre sponsor my rehearsal space

Next week I have my first rehearsal with my amazing teacher Lacinda Fisk. To say my two left feet are nervous is an understatement!

Of course we need a very large space to rehearse in. The living room just wont cut it and besides the wife, dog and cat might complain! 

As the Chair of Screen Illawarra, we have developed a wonderful relationship with South Coast Writers Centre at the Coledale Community Centre.

My big thanks to CEO Dr Sarah Nicholson and Sandy Fussell for generously giving Lacinda and I the space for free to rehearse in.

For all you local writers, please get involved with South Coast Writers Centre and especially look forward to their Readers and Writers Festival in July.

many thanks Sarah and Sandy!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew (papa) Bolton

Well done big Nicko, Mum would be very proud




Andrew Everingham


Nat & Mick

darling Nick… constantly moved by the way you adored your sweet Mum. And forever grateful that I’ve been one of the lucky ones to survive that evil disease. Dance like no one is watching brother. Except they will be 🤣


Bianca Logan

That’s great Nick, good luck.


Ross Giannone

Dance the night away


Jess Milne

proud of you!


Elena Matienko


Monica Davidson

You're the best!


Susan E Turnbull


Richard Caladine

Thanks Nick!



Great cause NB. Your mum would be proud.


Will Palmer

love you man!


Matt Bolton

Well done twinkle toes!


Jez Bolton

Great cause and wish I was there to see you trying to dance properly.


Andrew Hill

A beautiful tribute to your mum indeed - well done!


Holly Lyons

Good luck! I hope there will be a video!


Nick Hazel


Al Ferrier

Good luck twinkle toes. Love Al, Artie, Freddie and Lizzy


Ihaka Jones

Cancer sucks Boogie onward for the ones we lose, mate



You will do your mum proud, Nick!



Can’t wait to see you dance buddy. Great cause. Good luck.


Pauline Kingsford-smith

Would really love to see the show and buy a ticket . When and where in wollongong is the show ?




Kathy Sharpe

Good luck Bundanon writing buddy - you'll be great!


Kelly Bolton

Have a blast!


Christine Firkin

Have fun Nick!


Ashleigh Murray

Go for it mate! Love this.


Daniel Marsh

I witnessed a lot of the 'early work' back in the 90's and just hope that you're dancing has improved a lot since then (mine hasn't!!!!). Your mum would be so proud, and will no doubt be laughing at you with the rest of us, good luck Nicky B, I want to see the evidence! X


Will Price


Steve Langdon

She'd be very proud my friend, as am I to know you as a mate.


Chris Griggs


Elsa Evers

What a beautiful, celebratory way to honour your mum. Elsa and Jamie




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Alex Wregg

Great cause to be supporting Nick!


Creo Studio

Looking forward to seeing you dance!


Lisa Scope

Go Nick



Bloody Bravo! Proud to support someone who invests so much into supporting and championing others!!



Shimmy shimmy shake!






Sophie Bentley


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