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Helping Australians and medical visitors for over 20 years.

Cancer has touched my life; as several members of my family have passed away from it.

In recent years I have been involved in providing daytrip to cancer patients from New Caledonia. I have taken many of them to see the amazing places that our country has to offer. From the superb mid north coast to the wonderful Floriade tulip exhibition in Canberra to name a few. These outings have contributed to providing better moral to cancer patients enduring sometimes end of life treatments.

In 2011 I was involved in assisting a family with a young girl airlifted from Noumea. She was 5 years old and had Glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour. This is also called a liquefied/diffused brain tumour. The survival rate is close to ZERO.

The little girl came to Australia for treatment several times. She saw the upmost reputable specialists. However, after nearly 2 years of intense treatment, just before Easter 2013 she passed away.

This brings us all to remember that life is too short to be upset, and so fragile to ignore charity events. Maybe tomorrow, it is one of us who will need medical assistance.

Why Dancing

Dancing is the loftiest of the art, it is mere abstraction on life, but life itself” (Fred Astair)

Many years ago, I went to a wedding, and I could not dance. Overnight I started to take dance lessons, I loved it so much at the time, that it became a hobby. When I came to Australia to study in 1992, my dance instructor told me that she was short of male dancers. So I began dancing more regularly. Unfortunately, this came to an end when I had to leave and return to France. The last time I was on a dance floor was in late 2005 so I am super excited to return to the floor, and dance to raise as much money as possible for such a noble cause. 

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Nicolas Delacharlerie


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Sponsoring a great cause


Mathew Gale



Well done Nicolas, such a worthy cause, good luck!!


Leon Delacharlerie


Stellan Hudan

a great cause continues Nicolas



Congratulations Nicolas and Felicity ! Great cause! Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers


Hana V

Hope you burn the floor for such a great cause


Tracy Samuel

What a worthy cause. Thank you Nicolas and all the best!!




Pierre-françois Delacharlerie


Janet Gilmore

Dance your heart out for this wonderful cause. Well done Nicolas


Sandra O'kane

A great cause - good on you Nicolas!! 🕺


Stuart Janet Fathers


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Best of luck Nicolas, For a great cause!


Rachel Alexander

Best wishes for your dance and for your fundraising. My Nursing students have spent much time at Sydney Children's looking after this patient group. It's a wonderful thing to be raising money for and you are wonderful to be doing it!


Leila Riffi

Great cause and well done for going back to the dance floor!


Antony Hulme

I love dancing and dance like no one is watching 😀 Love your work mate. Ps mum is doing great 👍



Dear Nicolas, You have quietly supported affected friends and New Caledonians coming for cancer treatment to Sydney. Now your passion for dancing will support Cancer Council who are tirelessly providing support for affected people, educating the people in Australia and providing a range of further services. Thank for making a difference today


Nicole Dhillon


Presia Eyles

Tu es mon ami et tu sais faire du bien . Bravo Nicolas . A bientôt j’espère 🙏


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Bonjour Belle cause Bravo à toi


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Sorry, not much but small streams make big rivers


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De la part de Mademoiselle Chanel