Nicole Banks

Stars of Newcastle 2024

Say hello to Nicole Banks!

“I've watched from a far now it's my time to pop the dance shoes on and raise some money!”

Nicole mentioned that Stars of Newcastle has always looked like a tremendously fun way to raise much needed funds to support Cancer research and treatment in the Hunter. She promised herself that when she was back on her feet after going through her own treatment for breast cancer, she’d find ways to give back to the amazing professionals and do her bit to aid more treatment choices and better outcomes for anyone diagnosed with cancer. 

A bit about Nicole - born and bred in Newy and she followed her career as a radio announcer to the Mid North coast where she had her own Breakfast Radio Show and met her now husband and had her adorable two kiddies.At the start of this year she bundled them up and they moved ( back ) to Newcastle.  

Nic said “as a kid my dream job was to anchor NBN news alongside Ray Dineen- that didn't happen but I was on Romper Room!” How Newcastle can you get?!

Nicole loves to dance, but that doesn't mean it's easy to watch. Ha!   As this fundraising journey grows she hopes in turn she can motivate Novocastrians to donate and give support to others who were diagnosed at a young age.

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