Teena Walmsley

Stars of Tamworth

Hi I'm Teena and I am staring in Dance for Cancer to help make a cancer free future

Please support me as I tear up the dance floor all for a good cause 

I have absolutely no dance experience,  so you'll be humbled by my embarrassment & dance moves. 

My heart melts for this cause as cancer has touched our family closely 

I'm hoping I can dance justice 

My Updates

My Family 💖

WOWW World of Wonderful Walmsleys My World 💝 My husband Wade, our daughter Jocelyn & our son Charlie deserve recognition for every reason 💝 Thank You xo

Star News 🌟

Check it out 


Star News 🌟

Clean Up

Our after party! Cleaning up 🌟 💖l

Thank You

BILLY 💖🌟 You are Amazing & Talented! You deserve the world! Thank you so much for guiding me along this journey xo I will forever be grateful xo

It's Show Time !

Front pages of the local paper ! 🎉 👏 🌟

One more Sleep ! Stage Rehearsal

It's the night before the big performance!  It's stage Rehearsal time!  All the dances  look absolutely stunning !  🤩  We are in for one hell of entertainment through the eras from 1900's to 2000's  I am so nervous, scared would be the word 😱 Billy & I both forgot a few steps but managed to keep going 💃🕺 
Thank you everyone for your encouragement & support xo 
...watch this  space...

One week to go ❗😱

Only 1 week to go ❗😱
It seems so long ago that we started (& postponed from 2020)  &  now to think only 1 week 
We danced our way in our costumes & face masks (abiding by covid restrictions) 
This last weekend at TCDA has all emotions feeling it will no longer be my weekly gathering 💝  I will definitely miss the place and the atmosphere and ambience.  
This has been such an amazing experience. I am extremely humbled by it all, including the support, the donations,  the people, the positivity and enthusiasm 😄
The mentors aka- dance partners & choreographers are an inspiration in dance and in life 
With Billy away this practice (HSC trials), my daughter Jocelyn stepped into his role & guided me on the dance floor.  She has been my biggest supporter attending every lesson with me & filming our practices and been my shining star 🌟  remembering every move 
I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this entire experience 
Thank you Thank you Thank you 
I hope I can dance justice 
...Watch this space...


Sunday Funday !  I had to have an interview 😱 & talk about my experience through this entire experience.  It was limited time & I'm sure I missed saying sooooo much ,  it's over now though & I can't wait to see it 😊
... watch this space ...

Karaoke 🎤 🎶

Karaoke 🎤 🎶

KARAOKE  FUNdraiser 🎤🎶
With the help of some wonderful  friends, we hosted a karaoke evening for a small fundraising event on 19th June at Tamworth Services Club , with all proceeds raised going towards the Cancer Council.
 There is so much talent in Tamworth 🤩🎤🎶 & everyone had an absolute blast.  I am extremely thankful & grateful for the support ❤
No, I did not sing or dance on this night 😅
So...time to now focus &  practice dancing during this time off as we re-unite for rehearsals on 17th July. It's just not going to be the same without Billy & Lily 
...watch this space...

Time for a break

WT?  3 or 4 weeks off ! OMG ! 
How will I remember? How will I survive? 😱
This week we were able to practice practice practice the entire dance 👏👏 🎉
With our choreographer Lily  away & Billy completely overloaded with Eistedford,  I am even more grateful for his time & talent 🤩
Billy was more grateful for my daughter Jocelyn being our stand in teacher for our lesson  today 👍
I am still working on the Charleston & the Dip 💃
I am ever so grateful & humbled by all the generosity &  supportive donations towards my Dance for Cancer 💖
...watch this space... 

Up up & Away

Whilst I have been away this week,  I have been rehearsing in my head & watching my videos of our practice... I tried my moves in the sand but not so successful 😅
Hmmm, to put on the heels
 & try ???  😱 
...watch this space...

Feathers Feathers Feathers

Week 5 & it's all Feathers!  Finally the entire dance moves are complete ... now to Remember it all 🌟
We all danced rehearsals for TradiesSupportLadies this week wearing pink & donating to this superb cause for breast cancer.  Tradies Support Ladies is an initiative from a local Tamworth man. 
I still need to master the dip & the Charleston....
Watch this space ... 🌟

Week 4 Rehearsals

Best Wishes to my dance partner Billy as he performs in Eistedford this week.  Rehearsal practice still went ahead with the lively Lily choreographer. Her energy, even when she's tired, is inspirational! As I draw from her energy and learn some new moves we both have a laugh as we play with our feather deboas. I find myself dancing with happy feet in the supermarket isles  🤣 
....watch this space .... 

Moving to Stardom 🌟

Rehearsal  number 3 ! 
Wowzers ! This week took my breath away, literally,  feeling the fitness level. Having so much FUN! I have learnt to finally let my inhibitions go & be ok to be "in close & personal" , personal space with my absolutely talented dance duo Billy !  This was my first challeng I have achieved 🎉  
Next challenge, the dip & the Charleston 😅😉  watch this space ....

Rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals

2 weeks have passed & 2 Rehearsals,  1 group opening act & the beginning of my stardom 🌟
Dress Rehearsal for photos was loads of fun & made it feel real 😱
Thank goodness I'm not required to wear heels to dance in...well , so far anyway ....
Watch this space 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Price Attack Tamworth

You are Our STAR ! Congratulations We look forward to seeing you dance


Raffles Braids Donations

Woohoo 🌟


Karaoke Fundraising

Karaoke night


Raffles & Donations

Keep going Great Support


Steven Hill

Let’s kick Cancers Ass, help those recover & support those that lost a loved one. Dance 💃 like you’ve never danced before, Best wishes, Sixhills Group.


Total Electrical And Data Services

All the best for the night. You’ll smash it!


Nicky Bell

Good on you Teena 😊


Connors By Coreys

Well done Teena, best of luck!


Mahersy & Sharon

Keep on Dancing... preferably off the tables lol, this one time at Band Camp 😅 We are so proud of you our friend 👍



Haircare hampers thanks to Juuce, DeLorenzo, Muk, Goldwell & Price Attack Tamworth


Ken & Kerry Edler

Good luck Teena and hats off to you for doing this you have such a big heart ❤️


Just Irresistible

Teena your already a star ⭐️ Goodluck ❤️ Kylie & Tony


Karen Vial

All the best Teena you will be amazing! Great work 💛


Kerrynib Walmsley


Price Attack Ballarat


Rosi Bishop

Good luck Teena!!


Chris Watson Travel

For you my friend thank you.. For our Nyrie we miss you


Stephen Miller

You are a star Teena,we ❤️ you heaps. Slay them tonight


Belinda & Norton

You go girl Have a fabulous night


Newberry Financial Services

Great cause, our best wishes


Priceattack Lakehaven


Price Attack Grand Central

Good Luck Teena such a worthy cause


Salter Electrical Services

Proud of you lovely, well done for making a difference!!


Price Attack Ocean Keys

❤️ break a leg xxx you will be amazing.


Cindy & Stephen

Great work Dance those little legs


Murray Russell

Loved it Teena! What a star!



Thank you Teena, much love Love from Sally Rae


Deborah Lambert


Matilda Bobby Curtis

Best of luck with your fund raising and dance Teena. Proud of you.. xx



Very proud of you Have fun xoxo


Dave Fahey

Good luck - I know you will be amazing... 💃🏻☺️🙏🏻


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Jodie Bell


Franco Macri

Good luck RogersRogers


Mark, Bec, Geordie And Tully

Best of luck Teena!! You'll smash it! Great thing you're doing.


Kath R

Dance up a storm Teena. 😊👍


Carriage Clan

We all wish you a wonderful, fun night!


Mark Curran

Good luck


Debra Jeffrey

Dance your heart out its always been so full of courage for as long as I've known you. What an awesome thing for you to do for such a great cause.


Rebecca Honeyfield


Elizabeth Waugh




Daniel Bell


Kathy Sweeney

Good on you. I am proud of you.


Craig And Aylia Unger

Loved seeing you have a blast dancing around. This cause is very close to our hearts too.


Smith Family

All the best Teena. Love your work


Kevina & Phil Sleiman

Go Teena xx


Rod Dawson



Belinda Day

Fantastic Teena! You’re an inspiration!! Xoxo


Teresa Abra

Have a great time and best of luck


R Owen

Have fun and good luck 💖


Michelle Aslin

Teen, you are the Dancing Queen! Go Hard or Go Home old chook.


Rusty And Belle


Michelle Weber

Have fun!


Natalie Studte

We’ll done Teena! Very proud of you stepping out of your comfort zone for such a good cause! Good luck!



Have a blast and enjoy yourself.


Gary Fitzgibbon

Enjoy tonight! Break a leg !


Emergency Response And Security Services



So proud of you beautiful girl 👏😘


Angela Wood


Kerry Mcmahon

Good on you Teena - give it your best shot and kick those heels up. Best wishes to you and your dance partner. I hope you all have an amazing night and the event is a successful fundraiser.


Rachel Ridlen

Fantastic work Teena- very proud of you xx


Zac Bowley


Trudi Lane

Best of luck with your Dance for Cancer , well done , all your effort will be greatly appreciated by many I’m sure !! Have a wonderful time 🤩x x Trudi


Megan Bachali

Dance like no one is watching tonight Teena xxx Such a good cause hunny. I know you have put a lot of time and effort in. Much love Megs.


Julie Crowe

Good luck Teena


Fiona Snell

Big hearts to you on a wonderful cause. May you shine in the limelight and smile the night away. X


Justine Davies

You go, girl ❤️




Sharee Wilkinson