Teena Walmsley

Stars of Tamworth

Hi I'm Teena and I am staring in Dance for Cancer to help make a cancer free future

Please support me as I tear up the dance floor all for a good cause 

I have absolutely no dance experience,  so you'll be humbled by my embarrassment & dance moves. 

My heart melts for this cause as cancer has touched our family closely 

I'm hoping I can dance justice 

My Updates

Moving to Stardom 🌟

Rehearsal  number 3 ! 
Wowzers ! This week took my breath away, literally,  feeling the fitness level. Having so much FUN! I have learnt to finally let my inhibitions go & be ok to be "in close & personal" , personal space with my absolutely talented dance duo Billy !  This was my first challeng I have achieved 🎉  
Next challenge, the dip & the Charleston 😅😉  watch this space ....

Rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals

2 weeks have passed & 2 Rehearsals,  1 group opening act & the beginning of my stardom 🌟
Dress Rehearsal for photos was loads of fun & made it feel real 😱
Thank goodness I'm not required to wear heels to dance in...well , so far anyway ....
Watch this space 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Price Attack Tamworth

You are Our STAR ! Congratulations We look forward to seeing you dance


Nicky Bell

Good on you Teena 😊


Ken & Kerry Edler

Good luck Teena and hats off to you for doing this you have such a big heart ❤️


Price Attack Ballarat


Priceattack Lakehaven


Deborah Lambert




Daniel Bell


Kathy Sweeney

Good on you. I am proud of you.


Craig And Aylia Unger

Loved seeing you have a blast dancing around. This cause is very close to our hearts too.


Kevina & Phil Sleiman

Go Teena xx