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Collette Brazier

Australian Dance Enterprise is a training ground for students, ages 3-18, who are interested in exploring various dance styles, as well as for those students already focused on a particular discipline. ADE offers classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Creative Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, as well as Australian Dance Vision (ADV) Syllabus Classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap. Eisteddfod work and private lessons are also available.

Students at the school are also given performance opportunities and workshops on dance and career-related topics. ADE teaches more than 200 students each week aged from 3 years to adults and also incorporates advanced dance classes and training for students to become dance teachers through an assistant teacher training programme.

ADE classes aim to provide dance students with the opportunity to dance in a creative, safe and positive environment in which they can learn all aspects of the art of dance, as well as improve dance skills to benefit their everyday living. ADE also aims to improve the fitness of dance students through dance in a fun, stress free atmosphere and to help students develop self-confidence, self-esteem and new social contacts.

ADE is committed to providing a fertile training ground for dancers of all ages and abilities, embracing traditional to emerging styles and inspiring dancers to strive for both technical excellence and meaningful artistry. ADE also maintains a deep commitment to community building and activism - as students master technical skills and performance, they learn life lessons about the importance and value of being part of a greater whole.

Since it's beginnings in 1992, ADE has brought excellence in dance to the New England community, inspiring the best in students of all ages. Now in it's 28th anniversary year, ADE continues to prioritise individual attention, innovative performance, and community involvement to create a unique and personally rewarding experience for all of it's dancers and their families.

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