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Meet Glen, a familiar face born and raised in Albury, known for his
dancing presence on the border. As the youngest of 10, Glen's connection to the community runs deep, and he has become a hometown hero in more ways than one.
Glen's dance journey commenced at the age of 13 when he embraced ballroom dancing, finding inspiration that boosted his coordination and self-confidence. Recognizing his passion early on, Glen expressed to his parents, "I want to dance professionally and own my own studio one day," setting the stage for his future aspirations. 
Despite facing moderate-severe deafness in both ears at a young age, Glen's determination prevails. Hearing challenges may arise when he feels the rhythm, but they don't hinder his love for dance. 
At 15, Glen faced a significant loss with the sudden passing of his father, his number one fan. His father's encouraging shoutouts from the sidelines fueled Glen's confidence and energy at dance competitions. Today, Glen still hears those cheers echoing on the dance floor. 
Many years of experience and knowledge has become a powerful teaching tool for Glen, who now enjoys showing others how to improve their ballroom techniques. In pursuit of his dream, he returned home and began teaching for Lorraine Hewitt, the former owner of Albury-Wodonga Dance Centre. In 2010, Glen and his wife Niki took over the business, coinciding with the arrival of their first child. 
Under their leadership, the studio's activities expanded from 2 to 6 days a week. Glen, now an experienced instructor, not only imparts ballroom techniques but also runs bridal lessons and Debutante training. Over the span of 13 years (2010-2023), they have orchestrated an impressive 115 deb balls. 
Glen's commitment extends beyond the studio, as he actively participates in the Cancer Council's 'Stars of the Border' since its inception. The camaraderie among the dancers and stars, coupled with the shared goal of building a stronger community and raising funds for Cancer Council, has kept Glen coming back year after year. He wishes the new stars all the best in their adventure this year, emphasizing the spirit of support and community that defines the 'Stars of the Border' experience.  
We asked Glen to describe his dance style in three words so we can give a hint of what we are in for this year; Ballroom Dancing! 

Cazz, an individual whose life has been significantly impacted by dance for an impressive 37 years, spanning various styles including Modern Jazz, Theatrical, Tap, Ballroom, and Latin.
At the age of 20, Cazz assumed the role of Principal at Alpine Dance Studio, marking the beginning of a leadership journey in the dance community. In 2019, Cazz transitioned to become the choreographer with Revolution Theatre Productions, expanding her contribution to the performing arts. 
2024 will mark Cazz's 8th year of being involved in Stars of the Border, an event she has watched flourish with pride and honor. Witnessing the consistent generosity and support from the people of Albury-Wodonga for this meaningful cause has been a source of inspiration. 
Aside from her dance commitments, Cazz works in the homeless sector during the day, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact in the community. 
Cazz's greatest loves are her two adult sons, and she loves to travel, with a long-term goal of living near the beach. 
With a passion for dance, a heart for community service, and a commitment to family, Cazz continues to be a shining star in both the dance world and the community at large.  
We asked Cazz to describe her dance style in three words so we can give a hint of what we are in for this year; Theatrical! 

Meet Tayla, a dedicated dance teacher and educator who planted roots in the border community in 2013
to study, and now for the past eight years, she has been making an impact as an English and Drama teacher at Victory Lutheran College.
Tayla's journey in the world of dance began at the young age of three. With determination and skill, she progressed through comprehensive training in both Tap and Modern I.S.T.D syllabus, reaching an impressive level of Advance 2. Tayla's commitment to her craft culminated in the achievement of a Diploma in Tap dance, marking her as a seasoned and accomplished dancer. 
Beyond the classroom, Tayla has been an integral part of the local community theatre scene on the border for the past six years. Her presence has illuminated the stage in productions like Chicago, Cats, We Will Rock You, Beautiful, and The Addams Family, showcasing her versatility and passion for the performing arts. 
Venturing into new territory, Tayla is excited to participate in Stars of the Border for the first time. As she takes on the role of mentor and dance teacher for this event, Tayla eagerly anticipates the experience. Her enthusiasm is not only for the joy of dance but also for the opportunity to contribute to a cause close to her heart. Tayla looks forward to supporting an event that not only raises funds but also creates awareness for an important cause. Stars of the Border is about to witness Tayla's passion and expertise shine as she guides and inspires participants through their dance journey. 
We asked Tayla to describe her dance style in three words so we can give a hint of what we are in for this year; Versatile, Polished, Fun!

Meet Maddy, a 17-year-old dancing queen born and raised in Albury, who has been passionately involved in the world of dance for an impressive 14 years and counting.
Maddy's dance journey has been marked by passion, dedication, and a competitive spirit. Having performed and competed in a diverse range of styles, she has become a standout presence in the dance community. Her talent has been showcased in prestigious events, including multiple years of the NSW State Dance Festivals, the NSW Schools Spectacular, and local productions such as Wizard of Oz, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Chicago, and The Little Mermaid. 
In 2023, Maddy achieved a significant milestone by graduating from high school. As part of her academic journey, she completed the HSC Dance course, earning recognition with a callback nomination for her core performance—an acknowledgment of her exceptional talent and skill. 
Currently, Maddy has taken on the role of a dance teacher at LeBeat Dance Academy, sharing her expertise and love for dance with aspiring students. This marks Maddy's second year participating as a teacher in Stars of the Border, as she is eager to showcase her passion and put on a spectacular show, Maddy is thrilled to return to Stars of the Border, contributing her talent and energy to this exciting fundraising dance event.  
We asked Maddy to describe her dance style in three words so we can give a hint of what we are in for this year; Passionate, Energetic, Modern! 

Introducing Lauren, a proud mom to two incredible boys,
Mack and Judd, who will be 5 and 1 by the end of March. Lauren's daytime role as a childcare coordinator showcases her dedication to nurturing and supporting not only her own family but also the broader community.
Although currently on hiatus from teaching, Lauren has an extensive background in tap dancing, having taught at Alpine Dance Studio alongside Cazz for several years. Her passion for dance is deeply rooted, and she last graced the Stars of the Border stage in 2018 before taking a break to focus on raising her boys. 
A true Albury native, Lauren's dance journey began at the age of 7, leading to many enjoyable years of participating in local competitions. After nearly two decades of dancing, Lauren took a well-deserved "retirement" from the dance floor. 
Now, as she considers a return to the dance scene, Lauren brings with her a wealth of experience, a love for the art form, and the joy of nurturing her family. Stars of the Border is set to witness Lauren's comeback, showcasing her passion for dance and her commitment to both family and community. 
We asked Lauren to describe her dance style in three words so we can give a hint of what we are in for this year; Fun and Creative! 

Meet Carly, a vibrant individual who, along with her fiancée Leigh, owns Beatz Dance Studio. Their connection is etched in the Stars of the Border history as Leigh proposed at the event in 2022. Together, they are parents to two beautiful daughters, 11-year-old Bella and 7-year-old Calli.
Thrilled to return to the dance floor, Carly is celebrating her 5th year as part of this incredible event. By day, she takes on the role of a daycare educator, showcasing her dedication to nurturing and educating young minds. 
In her spare time, Carly immerses herself in the local musical production's scene, adding a creative dimension to her life. She finds joy in spending time with her village, whether it's enjoying local parks or driving out to the weir, relishing moments on the water with her family. 
Carly extends her congratulations to all the incredible dance teachers and Stars involved, expressing pride and honour in sharing the floor with them. As the night unfolds, she eagerly anticipates seeing the total tally for the year, marking another memorable chapter in the Stars of the Border journey. Enjoy the night, and here's to the wonderful community of dancers and supporters! 
We asked Carly to describe her dance style in three words so we can give a hint of what we are in for this year; Fun, Unique, Sassy! 

Meet Megan, a seasoned ballroom dancer with 17 years of experience, also doubling as a local Employment Consultant by day.
Beyond the dance floor and professional responsibilities, she takes on the cherished role of a devoted mum to a beautiful 3-year-old boy. 
As one of our long term teachers for Stars of the Border, we are thrilled to be welcoming Megan back to the dance floor for the Stars of the Border 2024!

Meet Megan, whose love affair with dance ignited approximately 20 years ago. Her journey began with the precision of Cecchetti ballet, sculpting a solid foundation that guided her for many years. Meg's dance horizons expanded when she ventured into the world of Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance. This elite institution became the crucible for Meg's full-time training, encompassing a diverse array of styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, RAD Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Heels, Commercial, Urban, Lyrical, Broadway, and beyond.

Upon graduation, Meg seamlessly transitioned into the role of a dance educator, sharing her passion for movement with both youth and adults. Her forte lies in choreography and embarking on creative projects that bring the art of dance to life. Meg's journey through the world of dance is a testament to her versatility and unwavering dedication to both her personal growth and nurturing the dance community. Whether she's in the studio, crafting choreography, or guiding aspiring dancers, Meg brings a wealth of experience and a vibrant spirit to every dance endeavor.

We are thrilled to welcome Meg to the dance floor for Stars of the Border 2024!

Introducing Eathan, a dedicated individual working at Elite Chainsaws and Mowers in Wodonga. Beyond the workshop, Eathan finds joy in his two favourite hobbies – ballroom dancing and mountain biking.

In addition to his professional and recreational pursuits, Eathan embraces the role of a loving dad to a little boy and a devoted fiancé. Balancing work, hobbies, and family, Eathan brings his unique blend of passion and commitment to Stars of the Border this year! We can't wait to see him on the dancefloor!

Meet Georgia, a self-proclaimed workaholic known for her passion for achievement, growth, and purpose in life. Alongside her partner, she co-owns O'Connell's Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. By day, Georgia dedicates her time to AWH, working full-time in HR, and supplements her schedule with weekend bar work.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Georgia wears the hat of a board member at Albury Wodonga Connected Communities, embodying her commitment to giving back to the region that he calls home. Her joy comes from helping people and creating a positive atmosphere in her surroundings.

In her downtime, Georgia indulges in various activities, including camping and 4WDing with her partner, staying active to keep fit, and finding solace in the garden. A unique facet of her interests is her love for dancing. Georgia finds comfort and a sense of self in dancing, using it as a foundation for a pick-me-up when needed. The beat, for her, is irresistible, prompting her to let loose whenever it plays.

Now, Georgia is stepping onto a new stage by teaching in the Stars of the Border 2024!

Meet Abbey Copeland, your local dance extrordinaire at Border Danceworks. She's been immersed in the world of dance since 2010 and took on the role of teaching in 2017. Abbey's teaching expertise shines brightest in Jazz and Hip Hop, her favorite styles to share with her students.

Wodonga is not just a place of residence for Abbey; it's her home, shared with her loving family and a charming little sausage dog named Louie, adding a touch of furry joy to her daily life.

Beyond the dance studio, Abbey has recently achieved a significant milestone by completing her Bachelor of Nursing. This year marks the commencement of her journey as a Registered Nurse, showcasing her commitment to both the arts and healthcare.

Abbey's multifaceted life, blending the rhythmic movements of dance with the precision of nursing, is a testament to her diverse interests and dedication to making a positive impact in her community. Whether in the dance studio, with her family, or in the healthcare setting, Abbey approaches each role with grace and a passion for continuous growth.

We are so excited to welcome Abbey to teaching in this year's Stars of the Border!

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